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The Bold and The Beautiful, The Ancient and The Modern, The Karmic Sinner are some of the names that Kitty Su has been associated with since it opened its doors to Delhi in 2011. Over these year's Delhi has witnessed an 'audio-transformation' and, we like to believe, Kitty Su has been a vital element of this nouvelle culture. Establishing itself as THE destination for all dance music lovers, by letting them experience the hottest and latest tracks of various music genre played by their original producers, ranging from House, Techno, Commercial, Pop and Electro, while show casing the best of fashion and trends, and pampering the audience with the evermore loved champagne shower, Kitty Su – the discerning women of taste, class and distinction has stayed true to her words & love for – Music, Fashion and Champagne. This unbreakable passion has led to multiple awards and peer recognition, not least allowing Kitty Su to enter the most prestigious Dj Mag Top 100 best clubs in the world ranking in 2014 & 2015. Which leads us to what happens next…

In aspect of appearance Kitty Su Mumbai is at first a contrast to the flagship property. As one walk's down the lush red carpet, the luxuriant yet raw vibe sets in. The colourful yet abstract mural first meets one's eye, reminding one of the street art around the city. A rustic and unfinished looking chamber, an outrageous yet witty note denoting it as the smoking zone, a complete homespun structure of aluminium roofing is what catches your attention next. As one enters through the outsized rustic wooden doors, one realizes the overall blend brought alive in the form of its decor to depict the cities persona in an artistic way. The various elements like – aluminium roofing used to construct a rustic factory look, old style ceiling fans, the aluminium oil drum's used in the table structure, the typical blue plastic seen on slum roof top's during rain's have been used as a backdrop for the high end merchandise section. All these elements facilitate in translating the first impression one can have of Mumbai

But only on stepping inside the luxurious and plush setting of the main club, i.e 'The House of Common' comprising of the earthy shades, dark wooden floors and leather seating, feature lighting, high end sound system technology can then the sophisticated, the bold and the revolutionary experience class. This is at that moment one experiences the opulence the place has to offer.

Perpendicular to the main dance floor and the massive DJ console, lays the semi–private area, 'The Salon'. A mini private seating within the nightclub that comes equipped with its own substantial bar and posh table seating with butler service for the ones who want to experience privacy while enjoying to the world class music played at the DJ console by various international artists’.

It is truly a mix of both worlds's which is seen in Mumbai, and over all translates the concept of "Treasure in Trash" that the city of Mumbai is known for. This inimitable vision is the brain child of Mr. Keshav Suri, in giving the elite what they deserve, and that is indulgence. The vision has been translated by the renowned Architecture Cabinet Bobby Mukherjee& Associates, and executed by The Lalit project team.

But the most secret chamber is the exclusive 'A' List area aptly named 'The List', the type of very special place that is able to boast – 'what happens in The List, stays in The List'. It is the area that celebrates the 'A+' population of Mumbai, who crave privacy and distinction from the average and the upper hand. The List comprises one well equipped bar, serving only premium range of beverages, its own DJ console and custom made high end tall leather furniture selection.

Also on offer at the club is its inimitable range of branded merchandise. Unique and imaginatively designed products that are fashionable but don't lose out on that essential factor of fun! Starting with T – shirts, coasters, stirrers, hand fans, flip – flops and other chic items. The night club has also collaborated with Indian swimwear brand Shivan & Narresh to do a special capsule collection comprising of bikini, sarongs, scarfs, hand bags and clutches etc. This fashion line is a trendsetter and addressed as Kitty Su – 'My Favorite Things'

As the new place to be in town, it has also set out some unique and never heard before benchmarks for others to get envious of. To discourage drink and drive, exclusive pick and drop services would be offered to the guests. Apart from these, there are also a variety of special packages on offer that give the words Enjoyment & Relaxation, new definitions! All in all, the extra attention put to quality is evident & the perfection and clarity that is found in the music diffusion system also reflects this, made possible by the long standing collaboration between the Lalit and Void Acoustics. The sound and lighting innovation is in sync with The Lalit Group's reputation of style & sophistication.

The Lalit (Bharat Group of Hotels) is renowned for a certain sense of dignified and subtle aesthetic that has become inseparable from their identity. This attitude is omnipresent in their latest venture, which provides finally the great nightclub that the city of Mumbai was waiting for, confidently setting new standards and raising the bar for the rest to follow.

Kitty Su Barakhamba Avenue, Connaught Place, New Delhi - 110 001, India | kittysu@thelalit.com | Phone: +91 11 4444 7666