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Kitty Ko Bangalore

Kitty Ko is what you’d call the best of both worlds. An amalgamation which is rare, but not ordinary – Kitty Ko happens when India’s best nightclub ‘Kitty Su’ and the award winning Asian masterpiece ‘Oko’ come together.

Yes, Kitty Ko is the offset of Kitty Su – only a step ahead with a spectacular roof top view of Bangalore, with the sole intention of spoiling our guests so they keep coming back for more.

The concept of Kitty Ko gives you a relaxed vibe- good food, fantastic music, al fresco setting, lounge seating, top favourites from the OKO menu, and hookah. It is a dream of a hang out joint. Established as a trendsetting, hash tagging, selfie warranted musical place, Kitty Ko will host some of the most memorable nights. A peep into the restrooms is a must-- they are a treat! With the décor of seats nestled closely yet comfortably, Kitty Ko is a place with no boundaries among strangers.

Why Kitty Ko?

After the tremendous success of Kitty Su Pop ups and a constant demand for a world class night club in the city, we decided to launch Kitty Ko in Bangalore. Kitty Su, however might just be on the cards. You never will know my plans until my dress drops ;)

Kitty Ko Barakhamba Avenue, Connaught Place, New Bangalore - 110 001, India | kittysu@thelalit.com | Phone: +91 11 4444 7666