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Kitty Su Mumbai


In aspect of appearance Kitty Su Mumbai is at first a contrast to the flagship property.
As one walk's down the lush red carpet, the luxuriant yet raw vibe sets in. The colourful yet abstract mural first meets one's eye, reminding one of the street art
around the city. A rustic and unfinished looking chamber, an outrageous yet witty note denoting it as the smoking zone, a complete homespun structure of
aluminium roofing is what catches your attention next. As one enters through the outsized rustic wooden doors, one realizes the overall blend brought alive in the
form of its decor to depict the cities persona in an artistic way.
The various elements like – aluminium roofing used to construct a rustic factory look, old style ceiling fans, the aluminium oil drum’s used in the table structure,the
typical blue plastic seen on slum roof top's during rain’s have been used as a backdrop for the high end merchandise section. All these elements facilitate in
translating the first impression one can have of Mumbai. Read More



  • Call : +91 9987603114, 022 6104 3355
  • Toll Free : 1800 11 6777
  • Fax : +91-22-66998888
  • Email : kittysu@thelalit.com


The LaLiT Mumbai
Sahar Airport Road
Mumbai - 400059, India

Valet Parking Available

Kitty Su Barakhamba Avenue, Connaught Place, New Delhi - 110 001, India | kittysu@thelalit.com | Phone: +91 11 4444 7666